Baleal Surf Lessons

The best place to learn surfing

baleal-surf-lessonBaleal in Peniche is one of the best spots for taking surf lessons or enjoy a full package surf camp. There are many surf spots with sandy bottom ideal for learning to surf and there are other surf spots for more experienced surfers, too. Surf House Baleal surfschool offers single surf experiences for those who just want to try surfing or packages with more surf lessons. If you are really about to learn how to surf we organize surf camps in Baleal lasting 7 days. Opt for a surf camp by Surf House Baleal and you will get intensive and effective surf schooling.

Quality Surf lessons in Peniche with individual approach

surf-lesson-penicheSurf lessons by Surf House Baleal surfschool are focused on individual approach to each of you. We organize group surf lessons with maximum 5 people per one surf instructor or individual surf lessons. In the group lessons, the average student-to-instructor ratio is 2-4 students. We like to make the surf lessons in small groups to guarantee your safety in the water and enough space for each surfer to catch waves.

All our instructors are qualified surf couches with certificates of Surfing Trainers recognised by the Portuguese Federation of Surfing. The surf instructors will go straight to the water with you and give you help and feedback at the moment. Besides that we take photos and videos from the surf lessons and make surf photo and video analyses. After the surf lesson we can discuss all your questions during the time at the Surf House.

Surf Lesson with Surf House Baleal surfschool


Each surf lesson takes 2 hours. Firstly, you will learn the most important things about surfing safety rules; what to be aware of, how to behave in the water and respect other surfers. The surf instructors will teach you how to work with the surf board, where to enter to the water and exit from the waves. You will learn the techniques for beginning your surf experience: how to paddle, catch the waves, stand up and surf. The surf instructor will help you in the water, give you a feedback and correct your position, technique and movement on the surfboard. During the surf camp program we include surf photo and video analysis after the lessons, because seeing yourself is one of the best ways to improve your surfing.

Our surfschool provides proper surf equipment for the surf lessons. The Surf House Baleal uses quality wetsuits according to the season and your size as well new and great quality surf boards according to your level of surf and ocean conditions.



Surf camp packages

The surf camp by Surf House Baleal surfschool is designed to improve your level of surfing with maximum efficiency during few days of intensive surf training. You can choose a surf camp package at whatever dates you wish or opt for our scheduled dates of surf camps and get the best price deal. Join the surf school at the Surf House Baleal and take surf lessons with professionals! Contact us or book your surfcamp online.