Baleal in Peniche, Portugal – the best holidays


About Baleal, Peniche

Baleal is a well known beach area located approximately 3 kms north from the town of Peniche. Here is the centre of surfing in Peniche. Most of the guest houses, restaurants and beach bars are located in Baleal. This zone of Peniche is the tourists favourite, thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches and specially cause of the perfect conditions for surf.

Enjoy your Baleal holidays on maximum. Read the tips written for helping Baleal visitors spending great time in Baleal Peniche Portugal.

What to do in Baleal



One of the biggest attractions in Baleal is certainly surfing. Baleal has the best sandy beaches, ideal for beginners, but at the same time there are high quality waves for experienced surfers. Join a surf camp by Surf House Baleal to learn how to surf or rent the surf equipment if you are an experienced surfer.


Enjoy Baleal sunsets

You are gonna love the sunset surf sessions or simply enjoy sitting on the beach, watching the beatiful sunset and listening to the ocean. Not to mention that you can see the sunset from the Surfhouse Baleal.

Take a walk around Baleal Island

The most characteristic for Baleal is the little peninsula called Ilha do Baleal Baleal Island, which is separated from the mainland by a narrow road between the beaches. The Baleal island is a lovely place for walks, enjoying the natural beauty, watching the waves and getting some fresh air.

Ride a bike, skate or run

The surrounding of Baleal is great for riding bicycle, skating or running. There is a bike trail connecting Baleal with Peniche. On the side of this trail are wooden constructions to make exercises. You can rent a bike right at the Surf House Baleal.


Take a swim

During the summer time, the beach of Baleal is ideal for swimming. There are marked swimming zones controlled by the lifeguards.

Visit Peniche

Going to Peniche, you can visit the beautiful Cabo Carvoeiro, port of Peniche, the fortress or the Municipal Market – mercado municipal. Besides that, from the Peniche port leave the boats to the beautiful islands of Berlengas.

Make a boat trip to Berlengas

The small archipelago of Berlengas is recognised as a Natural and Biosphere Reserve. The main island Berlenga Grande is located approximately 10km from Peniche. It is possible to make a boat trip to the Berlengas island and have a lovely walk around, stroll to the caves, visit the forth of Saint John the Baptist and the lighthouse. The boat trip takes about 30 minutes.


The Berlengas reserve is also a unique place for diving. The Surf House Baleal team will help you to organise your boat trip or a diving experience in Berlengas.

Enjoy Baleal nightlife


If you like a proper cocktail, The Base is the right place to visit. This bar has a very pleasant atmosphere. It is awesome to drink a coctail and watch the sunset. Furthermore they organize cool parties with Djs most of the weekends.

The beach bars of Baleal are well known for the best parties.

Bar da Praia or Danau are the centre of nightlife at the beach.

Taste the local cuisine


Taste the local cuisine in one of many restaurants in Baleal. Here comes a list of some of the restaurants we can reccommend.

Baleal restaurants

Close to the Surf House Baleal is located our most favourite restaurant in Baleal called Kirana. They are specialized in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Another restaurant close by is Republica das Lagostas focused on seafood.

If you are a sushi lover, there is a Sushi Fish restaurant.

Right at the Baleal Island is a favourite restaurant Taberna do Ganhão or a cosy and vegetarian friendly Mundano Baleal. At the beach just before the road to the Baleal Island is a family restaurant Prainha with an ocean view.

At the other part of Baleal in direction of Peniche is Gabana restaurant offering delicious icecream, then O Febras restaurant serving Portuguese fish and meat.


Peniche restaurants

If you would like to get some meal in Peniche, we recommend Tasca do Joel or Profresco to eat fish. To have a meal on the beach, visit the Xakra beach bar at Molhe Leste.
To get a pizza, opt for Pizzaria O Outro.

São Bernardino restaurant

If you truly appreciate freshly produced meal with nice glass of wine, we recommend a trip to the nearby village São Bernardino. There is our favourite Elemento restaurant. They offer high quality meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with modern twist.


Save the ocean

“People should join beach cleanups because they provide a fun environment that fuels an awakening towards the need to examine our consumer lifestyles. After picking up all the plastics and specifically single use plastics off the beach, it’s hard to ever go back to using them or not speak up against them.” – Kahi Pacarro – Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Join the beach clean-up organized by the local association Marmeu or just let us know and we can organize a clean up with you. Don’t forget the slogan “Take 3 for the sea” Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere and you have made a difference.


Walk the dogs


Do you love the dogs as we do? Let’s go walking the dogs from the local shelter in Peniche. They are the most grateful buddies to join you on a walk. It is possible to walk the dogs every day, (except Sunday) from 13:30 to 16:00. For more info follow Projecto4patas

Go surf shopping

Just few meters from our surf house is a unique surf store Hangfive. You can buy there original clothes, books, art, surf stuff and awesome longboards or just drink a beer.

Nearby is the 58 surfshop, Peniche Surf Shop, Gil Surfshop or the Surfers Lab with all you might need from the surf equipment.

Places to visit around Baleal

Surely it is worthy to make a trip to the historical town of Óbidos and drink a tipical ginja liqueur from a chocolate cup. Another place to visit is Nazaré, famous for its giant waves.
Moreover in nearby city of Lourinhã is possible to visit an outdoor dino parque with life-size models of dinosaur species.